March 10, 2019
Monica Piccininno
Digging deeper into SEO

Once you've confidently mastered basic SEO techniques, it's time to work on some more advanced options. 

Optimize your landing page with long-tail keywords, at least 2,000 words of copy, and relevant headlines.

Then, make sure all crawl errors have been fixed plus DNL errors, server errors, and URL errors. 

Salman Abideen said, "Start optimizing them now and you’re likely to see improvements fairly quickly. Image optimization includes image format, size, names, and location for local SEO."

There are always things you can do to optimize your website! Get started!

10 Advanced SEO Tactics Your Practice Must Implement

Many business owners have come to the conclusion, either through looking at the effort needed to implement successful SEO campaigns or through bad experiences, that SEO success is not worth the hunt.It’s an easy mistake to make, but costly in the long run, not to work

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