November 30, 2018
Hannah Brenner
How do you increase engagement on a Facebook business page?

How do you increase engagement on a Facebook business page? Social Media Examiner has a list of 13 ways to do just that. Find ways to connect with your audience and build two-way communication. Try collecting questions for an AMA, a comment contest, or share photos your audience has taken! Openly asking for feedback is a great way to both increase engagement and learn about your audience. Social media users value transparency, so try sharing a behind-the-scenes fact or photo. The Social Media Examiner wisely said, "Sharing Facebook posts that discuss what’s happening in your audience’s world is a great way to encourage responses. This lets you join in the conversations that people are already having, so your presence becomes more like that of a friend than an entity that’s trying to sell." 

13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

While this veterinary group’s Facebook page has fewer than 1,000 likes, sharing useful and timely information about an outbreak of parvovirus helped this post generate loads of engagement from their audience.While you want to avoid engagement bait tactics, asking a qu

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