January 31, 2020
Hannah Brenner
2020 digital marketing trends that should definitely be on your radar

Are you with the trends? 

Digital marketing is all about staying current and putting out relevant content. 

Whether it's trendy topics or ways of sharing your content, here are some trends you should be aware of for this year. 

Conversational Tone

A fluid, conversational tone can take you far. 

Practicing on the tone of your writing can help you in so many other areas! You can work in those long-tail keywords and it stops you from getting too technical or boring.

"Speak" to your readers through your writing and chances are they will be more interested in what you have to say!


Internet users are becoming more concerned with their privacy and security.

At the same time, brands are becoming more connected on social media and online shopping is on the rise. 

These two things are bound to clash at some point!

eMarketer recommended, "By getting ahead of CCPA and making privacy a priority, brands can actually improve customer relationships and build trust. Now is the time for marketers to go look at the vendors they work with and understand how personal data is collected and used."

Voice Technology

Between their phone and their smart home devices, most people now have some sort of voice search available to them. 

Marvin Chow from Google told Adweek, "Speaking is one of the most natural ways of interacting and will create whole new challenges and opportunities for brands, eventually redefining what ‘brand’ means in the future.”

This ties back to the conversational tone above, as many searches will be done by voice in 2020. 


How will these trends affect you this year? Are you ready to keep up?