February 4, 2019
Hannah Brenner
How to make a great Pinterest!

How do you make a great pin?

First, learn from others! The pins that show up on your feed are obviously seeing some success – what are they doing right?

Also, when you do get a successful pin learn from it! Do some digging and find out what your most successful pins have in common, then create more content like it!

You don't have to stick to a specific "brand" on your page or post a certain number of times a day, pin as much as you want! Marketing Artfully said, "Back in the day, like 2012, there was a right-ish ratio of pinning. Pinterest was more concerned with you having curated boards and sharing. But now they are more pin/subject based and want to have as many great pins available for their users as possible."

Happy pinning!

3 Ways To Make A "Perfect" Pinterest Pin | Marketing Artfully

When I started doing Pinterest seriously a few years ago, I really tried to get big numbers and had a few pins that drove some traffic to my website and Etsy stores, but honestly, it felt like I was doing A LOT of work for not all that many results.Additional Resource:

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