December 31, 2018
Hannah Brenner

Which types of content work best for local SEO?

Which types of content work best for local SEO? Search Engine Journal has a list of a few great options, one of which is landing pages! It's often a good idea to create a landing page on your website for each of your locations, or a state/regional page when applicable. FAQ pages are also great for local SEO and can sometimes  even get you a featured snippet of Google! Have you ever tried creating "locals only" specials for your business? Search Engine Journal says, "By offering a location-specific discount, you’re appealing to your local audience. You’re making them feel special." Finally, local event content on your website is a fantastic way to try and improve your local SEO. 

9 Types of Content That Will Help Your Local SEO

9 Examples of Content for Local SEO Do I really have to create content for each of my locations?City-Specific Landing Page Here’s a fun challenge: Can you rank for local keyword terms without a location webpage?

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