Pinterest enters the stock market

Pinterest stock performed very well on its first day. BBC reported, "Shares in online scrapbook company Pinterest surged more than 28% on its first day of trading, valuing the firm at about $16bn (£12bn). The shares opened in New York […]

Utilize those long tail keywords!

Clever Ecommerce defines long tail keywords as, "three-to-five word (and sometimes longer) phrases that are highly specific to your products and the user’s intent in searching." These are best utilized in titles, subheadings, topic sentences, conclusions, and alt image captions. […]

Whatever you do – don’t use these SEO tactics!

There is some bad information out there on SEO, so let's clear a few things up! One mistake is going overboard with certain keywords in awkward ways. Instead, incorporate those keywords naturally when you write content on the topic. Another […]

Check these things in Google Analytics

What should you be looking for in Google Analytics? Sometimes there's so much information it's hard to know where to start! Definitely check the traffic, navigation summary, traffic from organic search, and conversions. These four will give you a great […]

Becoming more efficient with content creation

Content creation can take up a lot of time – so become more efficient! First of all, don't skip out on quality to create more articles. Quality content is the most important thing! Make a calendar for yourself and stick […]

Should you use chatbots?

Are chatbots the right choice for your business? They are really helpful when done right, and can be beneficial to your business. While it's true that some people don't like talking to a chatbot, Search Engine Journal reported, "40 percent don’t […]

Reading up on SEO

SEO is a big topic to tackle, especially if you're a beginner. If you want to read up on SEO and gain some knowledge, there are tons of resources out there! In fact, Exposure Ninja put out a list of […]

Updating your local SEO

What are the best ways to improve your local SEO? First of all, take advantage of Google My Business. This is the best way to keep customers updated, make your online presence look professional, and encourage reviews. Also, optimization in […]

Mobile URL or responsive design – but not both

If you're focusing on SEO, the last thing you want to do is confuse Google! As it turns out, having a separate mobile URL and a responsive design at the same time can do just that.  John Mueller from Google […]

YouTube showing significant traffic

Want to hear a crazy statistic? YouTube makes up 37% of mobile web traffic. A report stated, “YouTube accounts for the most megabytes with 37%, an awfully long way ahead of second-placed Facebook with 8.4% and Snapchat with 8.3%. Netflix, […]

Steps to creating a great blog post

There are a few steps you can take to create your best blog post yet!  The first step is always deciding on a topic. Thinking of some interesting ideas first, then checking keywords is a great way to find the […]

The future of content marketing

What's next for content marketing? It's becoming more competitive, and algorithms on social sites are having a negative impact on organic reach. It's a lot more work these days to compete.  Neil Patel recommends, "With your blog, you should consider […]

No, the Google algorithm isn’t mad at you

Have you ever heard of anthropomorphizing? It's when we give human emotions or characteristics to things that aren't human – like a bird or an algorithm. SEO Round Table said, "Emotions often get in the way of objective and clear thinking, […]

Getting started with Google Analytics

The first step to start using Google Analytics is to set it up! It is an amazing tool and it's free to use – so what are you waiting for? First, set up an account of the Google Tag Manager […]