Finding your voice

Have you heard the term "voice" when it comes to writing?  It's important! The voice you write with sets the tone for how your writing is perceived.  It's also what sets you apart! However, the voice in a piece of […]

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Two tips for data-driven content

Using data to drive your content strategy might sound intimidating, but it’s not!   Including facts and statistics can strengthen your writing and help you build trust with your readers.   So, let’s start with the basics.   What is […]

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Two Google updates for January 2020

Staying up to date on Google is important for SEO! Those working in optimization should always be paying attention to changes in rankings and traffic as well as any announcements from Google.   We’ve got you covered!   Here are […]

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Using video in your content marketing strategy

Video is a valuable addition to any content marketing strategy.  Not only is it engaging and multifunctional, video marketing is actually proven to increase conversions. reported, "According to a study from WowMakers, video on a landing page can increase conversion […]

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Two brand building techniques for 2020

2020 is the year to build up your brand! Don't know where to start? Looking for some fresh ideas? You're in the right place! Here are two brand building techniques to try this year.  1. Rethink your colors Is it […]

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Using keywords effectively in your writing

Keywords are important phrases often searched that relate to your website and can be used strategically in content to increase traffic.    Effectively using keywords in your writing is really the key to optimizing your blog posts for SEO. Today […]

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The best psychology tricks to use in your blogs

It's simple: you want to present yourself in the best light and psychology can help you do so.  In reality you probably already do this. For example, you can strategically frame your content to influence how the reader sees you. […]