Standing out on Instagram

I'm sure you've heard – Instagram is all about creating your very own aesthetic.  Hootsuite said, "Your Instagram aesthetic is the first thing potential customers will notice when they check out your brand’s profile. The colors, layout, tone, and overall […]

Google added THIS to the developer’s guide

Google has a Search developer's guide, and it just got a new addition you should know about.  Search Engine Land reported, "On July 18, Google added a JavaScript SEO basics section to its Search developer’s guide. It includes general descriptions of how […]

Marketing with the color orange

Do you use orange as one of your brand's colors? Considering it?  The color orange is bold, and according to psychology is invokes a few emotions.  Impact said, "In the marketing world, orange is often used to portray youth, playfulness, […]

Google’s June “Core” update

Did you know that there was a Google Algorithm update in June? It's being called the core update and we have all the info.  Tall Wave reported, "Their June 2019 Core Update was announced via Twitter this year in an attempt to […]

The best tips and tricks for content creation

What do good content creators do?  For one, they create a sense of curiosity in their readers. The Next Web said, "The safest way to go about this is by splitting your piece of information into half and sharing the […]

Should you use an idea generator?

Everyone gets a little writer's block every once in a while. If you're looking for ideas you might turn to generators. Blog title and idea generators are out there – but are they actually worth your time?  Appy Pie said, […]

Why SEO creates a foundation for Ecommerce

SEO builds an important foundation for Ecommerce and driving traffic to your website.  Certain tactics are at the base of SEO and deserve your time and attention. One of those is links. As Genius Ecommerce said, "The more trusted you […]

What happens to Google’s algorithms during a crisis?

Google knows when a crisis is happening.  Search Engine Journal said, "A Google engineer tells The Guardian changes have been made to the search algorithm in response to real-life crises. . . While the said event is taking place, Google will increase […]

WordPress plugins to help with mobile

Mobile-friendly websites are a requirement these days for SEO. If you use WordPress, there are some plugins that could help! Search Engine Journal said, "When talking about mobile solutions for WordPress, WP Touch is the first that comes to mind. This very […]

Work on your local SEO

When is the last time your focused some effort on local SEO?  Local is great for businesses with a storefront that primarily sell in their area. With a little work, you can optimize your site to perform better locally.  The […]

Has your site been moved to mobile first?

If you have been preparing for mobile first indexing, good for you! However, even if you are prepared your site might not have been moved yet.  There are many websites that still haven't been switched over.  The good news is […]

Prepping to write content for Ecommcerce

Content marketing and Ecommerce are a great pair! You can drive traffic to your website and increase your authority when you have great content.  eSellerCafe said, "The first thing you should do is set clear goals and objectives. These will […]

The difference between SEO and PPC

When done well SEO and PPC will both drive traffic to your site, but in different ways.  SEO brings in higher quality leads, and 70% of the people in Databox's survey said it generated more sales. They reported, "For long-term […]