COVID -19 New Post Type for Google My Business

Google My Business is responding to the economy's recent changes due to COVID-19 and providing businesses with a method of informing their clientele and online audiences they are no longer open or providing services. There are various examples of announcements […]

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Do you have toxic backlinks?

In SEO, backlinks are a good thing!  You want backlinks to increase traffic and rankings.  So, how could they work against you?  Read on to find out what toxic backlinks are and how to know if your website has any.  […]

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Two SEO writing strategies to try this month

As writers, we should always be looking to improve.  Especially in SEO, best practices are always changing and evolving.  Don't get overwhelmed! The best way to keep up and keep improving is to set attainable goals.  So, here are two […]

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How much do you know about mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is a huge and important topic within search engine optimization. That’s because Google is in the process of switching every website over to mobile-first!   If you’re not familiar with the topic Search Engine Land defined it by […]

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SEO tips on the next level

Once you have completed our basic tips, it's time to get a little more advanced.   By this time you're confidence should be up and you're already on a roll, so why not?   The next tip we have is […]

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Transforming and re-purposing your content

So, you wrote a great piece of content.    Don’t just let it sit there!   You can do more with your content to help your website rank better and increase conversions.    Today we have two great ways for […]

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Google loves brands

Creating a strong brand is great for SEO. Why? Search Engine Journal said, "Google is trying to answer the query. With content from other people. Without requiring them to click to view the source. Where searches for 'travel' would once […]

8 Painless Ways to Start a Popular Blog

Starting a blog can be an intimidating process. You can never be sure whether there are readers looking to consume your content, and competition can be fierce. Getting started is the most important step, but you can also position yourself […]

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Mobile SEO tips and tricks

Mobile SEO is integral to your overall rankings. If you haven't yet adopted a responsive design for mobile, start there! Then work on your site speed by optimizing images and minimizing redirects. Another really important tip for mobile is to […]

Do you know what a meta-tag is?

Do you know what a meta-tag is? Digi Know said, "If you’re wondering what meta tags are, the easiest explanation is that they let search engines know what a web page is about." Examples of this are canonical tags, meta […]

Great advanced SEO strategies

Did you know that creating a mobile app can help with your SEO? This is certainly an advanced strategy, but it can work for some companies! Quick Sprout also said, "According to Google, URL errors are 'specific errors Google encountered when […]