Keeping up with SEO

The internet changes fast and SEO is no different! It might be hard to stay current with everything going on, but following Google's guidelines will pay off. One important change to note is that mobile speed is becoming increasingly important. […]

Writing for SEO

When writing for SEO, always focus on the customer first. A paragraph full of keywords may seem great for optimization, but if it doesn't make sense or it isn't engaging it won't be read. Forbes reported, "Know your audience. It's […]

SEO strategy for ecommerce

Website navigation and SEO content creation can require a lot of collaboration and communication between many departments. Before you embark on this journey, create a plan for yourself to stay organize and communicate clearly. Practical Ecommerce recommends starting with the […]

Branding out of the box

Branding your business might sound intimidating and confusing, but it can be fun! It’s also very important. Forbes reported, “With 81% of shoppers conducting online research before making a big purchase, the image your brand projects can make all the […]

SEO’s True Worth For Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is valuable for businesses. Don't believe me? The Marketing Profs put together some statistics to prove it! They said, "SEO is 85% more likely to drive website traffic to your site than PPC (pay per click) advertising." […]

SEO is Alive and Well!

If you see articles coming out about SEO being dead, don't fall for it! People have been publishing those articles for years, SEO is as important as ever. Neil Patel said, "The Internet has gone through several iterations over the past […]

SEO for E-commerce using Long Tail Keywords

With SEO for E-commerce, it is important to focus on long-tail keywords. Search Engine Land said, "Many SEOs are still under the impression that long-tail keywords are simply longer keyword phrases, or keyword variations listed at the bottom of your […]

Content creation for ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce highly recommends a content hub and integrating SEO to connect with customers. Their guidelines for content creation say that content should be useful, informative, entertaining, or a mix of the three. They said, "Instead of trying to make the […]

Keep it positive

Gary Vaynerchuk has a message – stay optimistic! The CEO of VaynerMedia thinks the internet represents opportunity and growth. On his blog he said, “When you’re addicted to optimism, kindness, and positivity, your POV changes. When you choose empathy, gratitude, […]

Marketing with a goal

What is your goal for your business? Where do you want to go? HRD said, "According to the Smart Insights Managing Digital Marketing Report in 2017, 49 percent of businesses are doing digital marketing but without a solid strategy in place, […]

Reaching new customers with SEO

Focusing on SEO can help you reach new potential customers, and if it is done right you will see a return on your investment.  Content is key – it drives organic visibility, client engagement and over all growth. When partnered with […]

New version of Google Search Console

What’s in the new version of Google Search Console? Three new features! The mobile usability report can now be used in the new version. Search Engine Land reported you are also able to, “Manage users and permissions directly in the […]

Back to basics: What is content marketing?

What is content marketing? It's all around you. That great article you read about your industry the other day? That's right, it was most likely content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute defines it as, "Content marketing is a strategic marketing […]

What to write about this month

Writer's block? Take some inspiration from lesser-known holidays this month! You can try to connect to Hispanic Heritage Month or National Coffee Day on September 29. Practical Ecommerce suggested, "In September, consider telling a story about privacy or more specifically […]