Optimizing your Ecommerce website for SEO

Redesigns are part of life when you work in Ecommerce. The internet is always changing, and you should be too if you want to keep up! When you do redesign, speaking to an SEO expert is always a good idea. […]

Is your page speed up to par?

You might not be paying attention to your page speed, but Google is! It’s also becoming a factor for mobile SEO as of July 2018. Forbes said, “While there are hundreds of factors that determine how high a site ranks […]

Are you falling for local SEO myths?

Are you under the impression that if you break any of Google’s guidelines your ranking will suffer? Those are actually pretty common misconceptions about local SEO. Search Engine Land says while you could get a soft suspension or suspension for […]

The hard truths about social media marketing

Jayson Demers provides great insight into the harsh new realities around social marketing today. As organic reach decreases and competition increases it is getting harder for companies and brands to generate a positive ROI from their efforts. Here are 7 truths […]

Where should useful content be positioned on a page?

Kind of surprised that this is an issue!?! When creating content the entire content post should be useful by answering a users query in depth. Tactically, from an SEO perspective, it's important that you focus your first and last paragraph on the […]