April 15, 2019
Monica Piccininno
Be a better startup blogger

How do you become a better blogger for your startup?

Make the time for blogging and stick to it. Keep your blog current with industry news so others look to you as a thought leader. Also, don't be afraid to share your opinions! Even though not everyone will agree, they will respect you for sticking to your guns. 

Entrepreneur said, "Thought leaders need to feel strongly about their topic and have something interesting and different to say about it. If they don’t, it’s just not worth writing — and no one will remember it anyway."

Additionally, get your point across in a concise way so it can be read and understood quickly. You'll be a pro in no time!

You're Blogging All Wrong, Startup CEOs

First, many busy startup CEOs and other top executives don’t or won’t make the time to develop thought-leadership content.Shah wrote a lengthy blog post in October 2017, explaining in great detail why he felt collaboration-software company Trello, whose technology

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