April 12, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Becoming more efficient with content creation

Content creation can take up a lot of time – so become more efficient!

First of all, don't skip out on quality to create more articles. Quality content is the most important thing!

Make a calendar for yourself and stick with it. That way you can be realistic about how much time you are able to commit to content creation and it doesn't get pushed off.

Another way to save time is to use content you already have! Content can be repurposed in different ways. For example duct tape marketing said, "Perhaps you have a blog post about selecting the perfect kitchen countertop. While some of the principles of countertop selection will always be the same, some of the trends will change. You can refresh this content to reflect changes in consumer trends."

If you still don't have the time to commit, outsourcing and guest posters might be your best options. 

5 Ways to Save Time on Content Creation

If there’s a week where you’ll be out of town at a conference, or a month where your business is launching a new product that will take up a lot of your time, this might be the time to tap a friend to create content as a guest.Content Creation can eat up a lot of ti

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