Three ways to be a better writer

No matter how long you have been writing, there are always things you can do to improve! This is especially true in SEO as algorithms and best practices are constantly updated.  Here are three things you can do right now […]

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Three tips to become a better writer

What qualities does a good writer have? How do you become a better writer?  These are important questions that every writer should consider when they want to improve their craft. So, why not go straight to the source? Forbes spoke […]

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Two SEO writing strategies to try this month

As writers, we should always be looking to improve.  Especially in SEO, best practices are always changing and evolving.  Don't get overwhelmed! The best way to keep up and keep improving is to set attainable goals.  So, here are two […]

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Two tips for data-driven content

Using data to drive your content strategy might sound intimidating, but it’s not!   Including facts and statistics can strengthen your writing and help you build trust with your readers.   So, let’s start with the basics.   What is […]

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Using keywords effectively in your writing

Keywords are important phrases often searched that relate to your website and can be used strategically in content to increase traffic.    Effectively using keywords in your writing is really the key to optimizing your blog posts for SEO. Today […]

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The ultimate ways to keep people on your page

Do you have high bounce rates? Do something about it! The first step is to get people reading. If you're seeing on your analytics that people are bouncing from your site fairly quickly, that probably means they are not spending […]

What are your blogging weaknesses?

Every blogger has their strengths and their weaknesses. You might be surprised how many people share the same struggles as you! One place that a lot of people get stuck is in keyword research and topics. If you're stuck, try […]

Should you use an idea generator?

Everyone gets a little writer's block every once in a while. If you're looking for ideas you might turn to generators. Blog title and idea generators are out there – but are they actually worth your time?  Appy Pie said, […]

Coming up with a lot of topic ideas using google

Is it time for a brainstorming session? Coming up with topic ideas can be challenging – especially if you're stuck or feeling stressed about time! Try using Google's autocomplete search feature! That will show you what people are already searching […]