Insight into Google’s Communication

Have you ever wondered about Google's communication process regarding SEO? Due to their size and scope they need to be very clear and deliberate about what they release to avoid confusion. Martin Splitt from Google's Search Relations Team spoke to […]

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Google update May 2020

Google is back with another algorithm update!  This one was big enough to be considered a core update, so if you are seeing some major changes in the last few weeks that is why! Some major companies and websites saw […]

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Google Shopping offers free product listings

Starting next week, Google Shopping will provide results that include unpaid, organic listings.  Search Engine Land explains: "The move comes amid the coronavirus crisis in which many brick and mortar retailers have had to close their doors. An e-commerce strategy […]

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COVID -19 New Post Type for Google My Business

Google My Business is responding to the economy's recent changes due to COVID-19 and providing businesses with a method of informing their clientele and online audiences they are no longer open or providing services. There are various examples of announcements […]

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Two Google updates for January 2020

Staying up to date on Google is important for SEO! Those working in optimization should always be paying attention to changes in rankings and traffic as well as any announcements from Google.   We’ve got you covered!   Here are […]

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Important update on Google Search Console and videos

Google has recently added video reports to its Google Search Console.  SEO Roundtable reported, "There is a video enhancement report to help you debug issues with your videos in Google search and there are video performance reports to show you […]