May the fourth be with Google Search Console

Google joined in on the Star Wars fun for May the Fourth! Search Engine Journal reported, "Google’s added Star Wars sounds, animations, and character messages. When logging into Search Console you’ll immediately see a message about this weekend’s festivities. Then […]

Recent update about Google Search Console

We have an update on Google Search Console! The URL parameter tool might be changing. John Mueller tweeted, "What do you use it for? I don't think it would be going away (I really like it, but I'm apparently biased […]

Your January 2019 update on Google Search Console

It's official – not every feature from the old search console will make it over to the new search console. Search Engine Roundtable reported, "John [Mueller] listed one example, the crawl errors section will be going away because it is not […]

Google Search Console update November 2018

Google recently added some new features to its search console. Search Engine Roundtable reported, "Google has added to the Google Search Console performance reports a filter under the 'search appearance' filter for both event listings and event details. This is […]

New version of Google Search Console

What’s in the new version of Google Search Console? Three new features! The mobile usability report can now be used in the new version. Search Engine Land reported you are also able to, “Manage users and permissions directly in the […]