The scoop on 301 vs. 302

Planning a redirect? Chances are you're looking at implementing a 301 redirect or a 302. While they are just one number away from each other and they have similarities, it's very important to differentiate between the two. Make sure you […]

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Technical SEO at home

Are you looking for ways to stay busy and productive at home?  Look no further than technical SEO.  It's a task that is often pushed aside or put off, but it is incredibly important! Keep reading to learn two ways […]

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SEO tips on the next level

Once you have completed our basic tips, it's time to get a little more advanced.   By this time you're confidence should be up and you're already on a roll, so why not?   The next tip we have is […]

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The latest advanced SEO techniques

Are you up to date with the latest in SEO? One advanced technique is to create a hub and then go into further detail on multiple topics within that broad topic. For example, the hub for this blog post would […]

Great advanced SEO strategies

Did you know that creating a mobile app can help with your SEO? This is certainly an advanced strategy, but it can work for some companies! Quick Sprout also said, "According to Google, URL errors are 'specific errors Google encountered when […]

Get to work on your off-page SEO

Once you have your on-page SEO under control, start working on your off-page SEO! Backlinks are important for improving your traffic and ranking. Try some guest blogging! Also BloggingX said, "Content marketing and blogging are all about demand and supply […]

Digging deeper into SEO

Once you've confidently mastered basic SEO techniques, it's time to work on some more advanced options.  Optimize your landing page with long-tail keywords, at least 2,000 words of copy, and relevant headlines. Then, make sure all crawl errors have been […]

Staying up to date with advanced SEO techniques

Looking for a quick way to catch up on the latest advanced SEO techniques? We've got you covered! A hot topic right now is how to get your content in Google's featured snippet. Try looking for keywords you already rank […]