How do mobile conversions stack up to digital?

We all know that mobile is important – why else would Google be switching to mobile-first indexing?  But, are there more conversions on mobile or desktop? Marketing Land reported, "Mobile conversions growing but less valuable. But while mobile conversions grew a […]

Top ways you can use keyword research for Ecommerce

One of the best ways to improve your SEO strategy is to do keyword research.  As Search Engine Journal said, "Keyword research is the foundation of every SEO strategy, especially when it comes to onsite SEO. Done well, it provides […]

Why SEO creates a foundation for Ecommerce

SEO builds an important foundation for Ecommerce and driving traffic to your website.  Certain tactics are at the base of SEO and deserve your time and attention. One of those is links. As Genius Ecommerce said, "The more trusted you […]

Prepping to write content for Ecommcerce

Content marketing and Ecommerce are a great pair! You can drive traffic to your website and increase your authority when you have great content.  eSellerCafe said, "The first thing you should do is set clear goals and objectives. These will […]

Why you need SEO for Ecommerce

For Ecommerce, SEO is absolutely vital. Especially when you don't have a physical storefront the traffic to your site is very important.  Agency Partner said, "Due to the competitive nature of ecommerce, SEO is the critical component needed to raise […]

Finding your success in Ecommerce

If you are building an Ecommerce company, there are a few things you should definitely do.  Start by making sure your brand name, your content, and your graphics stand out! Jeff Bullas said, "Your online business doesn’t have a real storefront. […]

Try these Ecommerce SEO tips

Influencive said, "Owing to evolving Google algorithms, search engine marketers need to stay utterly compliant when proposing SEO tactics for a WordPress or an e-commerce site. You can optimize your eCommerce site for SEO to attract organic traffic to lead to more […]

Try these tricks for Ecommerce

If you're in Ecommerce, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to grow your business. AI chatbots are extremely helpful in customer service, especially if you don't have a large staff.  As far as SEO, get ready […]

What do the best Ecommerce landing pages have in common?

What do the best Ecommerce landing pages have in common? Simplicity. Conversion XL said, "Landing pages with limited distractions tend to perform better, even though only 16% of landing pages don’t have navigation bars." Making it easy to immediately understand the value of […]

What theme should you use for your ecommerce site?

Choosing a WordPress theme can be difficult. It has to perform and look how you want it to! Quicksprout said, "Choosing the right WordPress theme is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for ecommerce businesses: Your theme will ultimately […]

How you should optimize your product pages for ecommerce

Product page optimization is really important for SEO!  Finding the balance between creative and SEO friendly can definitely be a challenge.  First, as always, understand your target audience and do some keyword research! Include those keywords organically in your descriptions. […]

Best ways to work on your Ecommerce SEO

For Ecommerce, potential customers finding you online is everything so SEO is extremely important. Start with an audit on a tool such as SEMrush. Next, try out some keyword research. In your research look for search volume, intent, relevance, and […]