Work on your local SEO

When is the last time your focused some effort on local SEO?  Local is great for businesses with a storefront that primarily sell in their area. With a little work, you can optimize your site to perform better locally.  The […]

Updating your local SEO

What are the best ways to improve your local SEO? First of all, take advantage of Google My Business. This is the best way to keep customers updated, make your online presence look professional, and encourage reviews. Also, optimization in […]

Why does local search matter in SEO?

Why does local search matter in SEO? It helps you connect to potential customers or clients in your direct area. This is especially helpful for those that have a storefront or provide a service in person. In that case, your […]

Which types of content work best for local SEO?

Which types of content work best for local SEO? Search Engine Journal has a list of a few great options, one of which is landing pages! It's often a good idea to create a landing page on your website for […]

Are you falling for local SEO myths?

Are you under the impression that if you break any of Google’s guidelines your ranking will suffer? Those are actually pretty common misconceptions about local SEO. Search Engine Land says while you could get a soft suspension or suspension for […]