How much do you know about mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is a huge and important topic within search engine optimization. That’s because Google is in the process of switching every website over to mobile-first!   If you’re not familiar with the topic Search Engine Land defined it by […]

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Why does mobile-first actually matter for SEO?

We can all agree that having a great mobile site is important for UX, but why exactly does it matter for SEO?  Adlibweb said, "It is important because if a site does not have a mobile-friendly version then that could […]

WordPress plugins to help with mobile

Mobile-friendly websites are a requirement these days for SEO. If you use WordPress, there are some plugins that could help! Search Engine Journal said, "When talking about mobile solutions for WordPress, WP Touch is the first that comes to mind. This very […]

Has your site been moved to mobile first?

If you have been preparing for mobile first indexing, good for you! However, even if you are prepared your site might not have been moved yet.  There are many websites that still haven't been switched over.  The good news is […]

Mobile SEO tips and tricks

Mobile SEO is integral to your overall rankings. If you haven't yet adopted a responsive design for mobile, start there! Then work on your site speed by optimizing images and minimizing redirects. Another really important tip for mobile is to […]

Mobile URL or responsive design – but not both

If you're focusing on SEO, the last thing you want to do is confuse Google! As it turns out, having a separate mobile URL and a responsive design at the same time can do just that.  John Mueller from Google […]

Mobile “separate” vs. responsive – which is best?

Responsive mobile sites are definitely better than separate ones. How do we know this?  Because Google's John Mueller said so on Reddit.  He wrote, "At some point all of these sites with separate mobile URLs should just move to a […]

Check out this podcast about mobile SEO

Voices of Search has a great podcast out about mobile SEO.  Check it out on your commute to work! As you probably know, Google is switching to mobile-first indexing which is going to have a huge impact on SEO as […]

The basics of mobile-first indexing

Mobile-first indexing has been a huge change in the SEO world, so make sure your mobile site is in tip-top shape! Google has prioritized mobile, which means your mobile site is the one that will primarily be crawled and indexed. […]

Is your page speed up to par?

You might not be paying attention to your page speed, but Google is! It’s also becoming a factor for mobile SEO as of July 2018. Forbes said, “While there are hundreds of factors that determine how high a site ranks […]