If your content isn’t ranking, read this

Finding that the amazing content you wrote isn't performing like you hoped can be discouraging, but don't give up yet! There are a few reasons why that content might not be performing like you hoped.  Start by taking a hard […]

Top ways you can use keyword research for Ecommerce

One of the best ways to improve your SEO strategy is to do keyword research.  As Search Engine Journal said, "Keyword research is the foundation of every SEO strategy, especially when it comes to onsite SEO. Done well, it provides […]

Why do backlinks matter and how do you get them?

Backlinks are one of the pillars of SEO strategy. A backlink is a link to your website from another website, and they work almost like reviews to show that your site is high quality and relevant.  One way to quickly […]

Why content is a top factor for SEO ranking

Do you want to rank on Google? Of course you do! The best path to ranking well on Google is creating quality content that is relevant to readers. Search Engine Journal said, "If one thing matters more than anything to […]

SEO and link building

If you are working on link building, don't forget to check your bases when it comes to SEO! Check your page titles and your meta description first. Search Engine Land said, "While it won’t be as impactful as a page […]

Why does mobile-first actually matter for SEO?

We can all agree that having a great mobile site is important for UX, but why exactly does it matter for SEO?  Adlibweb said, "It is important because if a site does not have a mobile-friendly version then that could […]

Is page speed really that important?

Is page speed really that important? Yes.  A slow page speed can impact your search rankings in a few ways. One is that having a slow page speed in general can lower your chances of ranking well, but internet users […]

Why SEO creates a foundation for Ecommerce

SEO builds an important foundation for Ecommerce and driving traffic to your website.  Certain tactics are at the base of SEO and deserve your time and attention. One of those is links. As Genius Ecommerce said, "The more trusted you […]

WordPress plugins to help with mobile

Mobile-friendly websites are a requirement these days for SEO. If you use WordPress, there are some plugins that could help! Search Engine Journal said, "When talking about mobile solutions for WordPress, WP Touch is the first that comes to mind. This very […]

Work on your local SEO

When is the last time your focused some effort on local SEO?  Local is great for businesses with a storefront that primarily sell in their area. With a little work, you can optimize your site to perform better locally.  The […]

Has your site been moved to mobile first?

If you have been preparing for mobile first indexing, good for you! However, even if you are prepared your site might not have been moved yet.  There are many websites that still haven't been switched over.  The good news is […]

Prepping to write content for Ecommcerce

Content marketing and Ecommerce are a great pair! You can drive traffic to your website and increase your authority when you have great content.  eSellerCafe said, "The first thing you should do is set clear goals and objectives. These will […]

The difference between SEO and PPC

When done well SEO and PPC will both drive traffic to your site, but in different ways.  SEO brings in higher quality leads, and 70% of the people in Databox's survey said it generated more sales. They reported, "For long-term […]

Why you need SEO for Ecommerce

For Ecommerce, SEO is absolutely vital. Especially when you don't have a physical storefront the traffic to your site is very important.  Agency Partner said, "Due to the competitive nature of ecommerce, SEO is the critical component needed to raise […]

Here are some solid SEO tips

Want SEO tips? We have them! Start by focusing on the basics. SEO is about great content! Don't lose sight of that.  Other important basics of SEO are page speed, backlinks, and making sure your site is technically sound.  Additionally, […]