Ideas for your Instagram

We've all heard of writer's block – but a similar thing can also happen with Instagram! Keeping up posting often can be difficult when you run out of ideas.  For example, Later said, "People often think of quotes as good 'filler content' — […]

Are your Instagram stories working for you?

How do you measure how your Instagram stories are performing? Social Media Examiner said, "For Instagram, website clicks and swipe-ups are important metrics to track to assess your audience’s behavior on the platform, but what happens when those people swipe […]

Big changes coming to Instagram

Influencers seem to be taking over Instagram – and they will soon have a new way to promote their products. Tech Crunch reported, "The company said that creators will now be able to tag items to sell them directly to […]

What’s new with Instagram ads

Facebook ads have been growing and changing a lot recently, and Instagram ads are next. Marketing Land reported, "Instagram confirmed it is exploring more ways for brands to amplify content from influencers. The company has been testing a new branded […]

Instagram stories for beginners

How do you create engaging Instagram stories? What is the appeal?  Surprisingly, it's not all about being perfectly polished and professional.  Social Media Examiner said, "Stories provide a way for you to become closer with your fans and followers, especially […]

How to increase engagement on Instagram

If you want to increase engagement on your Instagram page, it's a good idea to check the statistics. Between the different types of posts, multiple images are shown to have 2.2% more engagement than single posts, but video posts perform […]

Instagram testing ‘creator accounts’ for Influencers

Instagram is changing in the age of influencers. Many influencers rely heavily on the Instagram platform, and many businesses are turning to influencer marketing. In response to this influx, Instagram is testing "creator accounts." USA Today reported, "Its goal is […]

Actionable Instagram Strategies for B2B

Instagram might not seem like the best tool for B2B marketing since it reaches individual users, but with the right strategy it can be successful! Social Media Examiner said, "With only 30% of B2B companies leveraging Instagram for content marketing, there’s plenty […]

How to start marketing your business on Instagram

Do you want to open up an Instagram page for your business? Let's start from the beginning. This link will walk you through the steps of creating a profile and setting it up. It contains everything you need to know […]

Fine tuning your business’s Instagram profile

The first thing visitors see when they click on your Instagram profile is your profile picture and your bio. Do they accurately represent your brand and the message you want to portray? Business 2 Community says, “It needs to quickly […]