Pinterest enters the stock market

Pinterest stock performed very well on its first day. BBC reported, "Shares in online scrapbook company Pinterest surged more than 28% on its first day of trading, valuing the firm at about $16bn (£12bn). The shares opened in New York […]

Should you use chatbots?

Are chatbots the right choice for your business? They are really helpful when done right, and can be beneficial to your business. While it's true that some people don't like talking to a chatbot, Search Engine Journal reported, "40 percent don’t […]

YouTube showing significant traffic

Want to hear a crazy statistic? YouTube makes up 37% of mobile web traffic. A report stated, “YouTube accounts for the most megabytes with 37%, an awfully long way ahead of second-placed Facebook with 8.4% and Snapchat with 8.3%. Netflix, […]

What’s new with Instagram ads

Facebook ads have been growing and changing a lot recently, and Instagram ads are next. Marketing Land reported, "Instagram confirmed it is exploring more ways for brands to amplify content from influencers. The company has been testing a new branded […]

Instagram stories for beginners

How do you create engaging Instagram stories? What is the appeal?  Surprisingly, it's not all about being perfectly polished and professional.  Social Media Examiner said, "Stories provide a way for you to become closer with your fans and followers, especially […]

How to make a great Pinterest!

How do you make a great pin? First, learn from others! The pins that show up on your feed are obviously seeing some success – what are they doing right? Also, when you do get a successful pin learn from […]

How to increase engagement on Instagram

If you want to increase engagement on your Instagram page, it's a good idea to check the statistics. Between the different types of posts, multiple images are shown to have 2.2% more engagement than single posts, but video posts perform […]

Facebook users are moving to other platforms

Facebook is a staple in social media marketing. However, many brands should consider posting on other platforms as well! Forbes reported, that many Facebook users are being lost to Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. They said, "In June 2018, Facebook marked […]

Instagram testing ‘creator accounts’ for Influencers

Instagram is changing in the age of influencers. Many influencers rely heavily on the Instagram platform, and many businesses are turning to influencer marketing. In response to this influx, Instagram is testing "creator accounts." USA Today reported, "Its goal is […]

Actionable Instagram Strategies for B2B

Instagram might not seem like the best tool for B2B marketing since it reaches individual users, but with the right strategy it can be successful! Social Media Examiner said, "With only 30% of B2B companies leveraging Instagram for content marketing, there’s plenty […]

What is YouTube SEO?

Have you ever heard of YouTube SEO? It's not actually related to your rankings on Google. YouTube SEO is about taking steps to have your video rank higher on YouTube's website or app! Some things YouTube uses to rank videos […]

How to start marketing your business on Instagram

Do you want to open up an Instagram page for your business? Let's start from the beginning. This link will walk you through the steps of creating a profile and setting it up. It contains everything you need to know […]

Why YouTube videos are getting longer

Have you noticed that YouTube videos are getting longer and longer? There's a reason for that! Ad revenue! Wired reported, "As a new study from the Pew Research Center demonstrates, YouTube has been quietly shifting its recommendation system to reward […]