May 13, 2020
Hannah Brenner

Collaborating to bring some creativity into your SEO writing

To some people, SEO writing is a chore!

That's a shame because we know that it can be fun and incredibly rewarding.

The key is to let your creativity shine through teamwork, especially if you have been writing or optimizing the same topics for a long time. 

Keep reading for three ways that working together can get your creativity flowing. 

1. Writers and SEO

Are your writing and SEO teams working together? 

By this I mean really working together, not just the occasional meeting or email communication. 

It's easy to get stuck in your comfort zone as a writer. Working with the SEO team to come up with ideas is a great way to break into some new topics that will generate leads. 

2. Enlist other departments

Often, writers will not feel comfortable writing about topics they don't know a lot about.

That's where the other departments come in! 

Moz said, "If you're feeling frustrated by a topic you don't feel comfortable writing about, don't hesitate to reach out to experts — even within your own company. Their passion for the subject will fuel your desire to write the piece from a more human angle."

3. Talk to your readers

When it comes down to the foundation of what you are doing, you are really writing for the readers. If they like your content they will keep coming back for more and that will help to boost your rankings. 

As much as possible, communicate with them! Find out what they want to learn. Having that connection with your audience is a fantastic way to spark your passion, and creativity comes along with that.