September 25, 2020
Monica Piccininno

Confused about crawl budgets? Here are three basics.

Crawl budgets are an important part of SEO, but how much do you really know about them?

Many, many people in the SEO community find this topic difficult or confusing. 

Let's break it down to three things you should know about crawl budgets. 

1. Web crawlers

To understand crawl budgets, you first need to understand web crawlers. 

These are bots that are used to index web pages. They are sometimes also referred to as web spiders. 

Websites are indexed by web crawlers so they can be shown in search results. 

2. Website internal structure matters

The way web crawlers work is that they use links on websites to discover other pages on that website.

This means that for best practice your website's internal structure should be optimized for this! A website with a good setup, structure, and organization is so important. 

Additionally, these bots will prioritize certain things like new websites or website changes. 

3. Crawl budget basics

Search Engine Journal defined a crawl budget by saying, "Crawl budget is the number of pages a crawler sets to crawl on a certain period of time. Once your budget has been exhausted, the web crawler will stop accessing your site’s content and move on to other sites."

This is relevant because you want your web pages to be indexed! The good news is Google says your website doesn't necessarily need to be crawled frequently and most websites will be efficiently crawled automatically. 

That said, it's still an important topic to understand.