June 10, 2020
Ryan Henry
Connecting Google analytics for podcasts with SEO

Podcasts have seen a huge popularity increase in recent years, and Google is paying attention! They are now offering podcast analytics.

Believe it or not, this can actually connect well with SEO to increase metrics overall if you have content on both a podcast and a website!

Here's what you should know about podcast analytics and search engine optimization. 

Podcast Analytics

Getting valuable information about your podcast analytics can help you improve by learning what the listeners want. 

Podcasters can learn things like which episodes are most popular, how much of the podcast listeners get through, and even the kinds of devices listeners use. 

Inquirer said, "In any case, this tool will doubtlessly help podcast creators improve their content in a way that resonates with their audience. Topics that were discussed when audience retention dropped can be avoided, and the ideal show length can be discovered based on the number of minutes listeners stay tuned in."

Taking all of this into account can also help with optimization.

Connecting podcast analytics and SEO

Google analytics have had the power to tell you information about your website for a while. For those that have a podcast and a website now you will be able to compare the two. 

It's a great idea to be posting transcriptions of your podcasts or converting the content into blogs. 

When both are posted, compare and contrast the results. Are some topics better just as a podcast? Are some more well-received as a blog? 

Or, you might find that some topics don't work well on either and you can skip those next time. 

By utilizing both of these resources you can make sure your content is working for you in a way that resonates with your audience.