March 25, 2019
Monica Piccininno
Content creation and curation are not the same thing

How are content creation and content curation different?

Content creation is original content completely from scratch. You think of the topics, the ideas, form the words, and create for your audience.

Content curation involves sharing specific content that is relevant to your audience that already exists. Gathering that information to share it can establish you as an authority on the subject and bring your audience to your website. 

They do have a similar goal, though!

Atomic Reach said, "Both content creation and curation have the same purpose. Organizations want to drive mindshare among their target audience by serving meaningful and useful content with their followers and subscribers."

Content Creation vs Content Curation: What's the Difference?

Content creation is the process of: 1) identifying topics of interest for the buyer personas of your brand 2) creating visual or text-based content around those topics, and 3) distributing it to your audience in various forms like blogs, eBooks, videos and info

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