January 28, 2019
Monica Piccininno

Are you making these mistakes when creating content?

When it comes to content creation, little mistakes can cause big issues! Double check that you aren't making any of these mistakes. First, edit thoroughly!

Even one typo portrays a negative image of your writing and your brand. Also, double check your sources. Stay away from keyword overloading – it doesn't seem like natural conversation so nobody wants to read it. OOm said, "Wake up, it’s 2019 now and keyword overloading can be penalised. Instead, use your keywords wisely and effectively. Make its presence sensible to the entire article."

Finally, don't go crazy with the graphics. They are a great tool but can often get cluttered and confusing. Use graphics, but get to the point!

Content Mishaps: Common mistakes in content creation

Some of the basic principles that Google wants us to adapt in creating quality content are as follows: create pages primarily for users and not for search engines; do not deceive the users; avoid using tricks that are intended to improve your rankings; make sure to be h

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