March 5, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Instagram stories for beginners

How do you create engaging Instagram stories? What is the appeal? 

Surprisingly, it's not all about being perfectly polished and professional. 

Social Media Examiner said, "Stories provide a way for you to become closer with your fans and followers, especially when you’re talking to your phone or a camera right in your face. The vertical video feels real and honest in a way that a lot of other video doesn’t." 

Stories are a great way to connect to your fans in a less formal way, so embrace it! Tell your story!


Creating Instagram Stories People Love to Watch

To explore how to create short-form Instagram stories people love to watch, I interview filmmaker, photographer, and video influencer Jesse Driftwood.Jesse knows that people are on Instagram only for a short time so he tries to keep his videos as short as possible.

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