October 22, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Do crawl rates rise before an algorithm update? Here’s what we know.

It's a question SEO professionals have been asking for years – do crawl rates spike before Google does an algorithm update? 

Originally, Gary Illyes of Google tweeted a response saying that was a myth back in 2016. 

However, he recently said there may be some truth to it. 

SEO Round Table reported, "Gary Illyes from Google said yesterday that some baby algorithms may trigger a spike in crawl rates. He said some, not all, of these algorithms may do that."

Click the link for a video that will teach you more on the subject. 

Google Says Some Algorithms May Trigger Spikes In Crawl Rates

Gary Illyes from Google said yesterday that some baby algorithms may trigger a spike in crawl rates.Gary said crawl rate spikes are unrelated to Google algorithm updates back then.First., here are tweets from what Gary Illyes said on stage yesterday:Q: Does crawling inc

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