March 10, 2020
Monica Piccininno
Do you have toxic backlinks?

In SEO, backlinks are a good thing! 

You want backlinks to increase traffic and rankings. 

So, how could they work against you? 

Read on to find out what toxic backlinks are and how to know if your website has any. 

When is a backlink bad?

To put it simply, if a website that isn't trusted or is suspected to be part of a scheme links to your website it can actually count against you. 

Search Engines don't want to see low quality pages linking back to your site. They use an algorithm to try and detect link-building schemes. 

How to look for toxic backlinks

It's a good idea to add checking for negative backlinks to your SEO routine. 

If there are any penalties due to this, you can find them in Google Search Console! They would be under Security and Manual Actions – Manual Actions. 

If you find any, don't panic! These problems can definitely be fixed.

How to fix bad backlinks

There are three main ways to fix a toxic backlink. 

One way is to contact the website and ask them to remove it, but that won't always work. 

If you still want the backlink and think it should not have been flagged, you can request a review! Social Media Today said, "According to Search Engine Watch, Google processes about 20,000 reconsideration requests a month, of the 400,000 manual penalties applied. It can take around 30 days to get a response."

If you just want to remove the backlink, try the Disavow links tool. 


Overall, backlink issues totally manageable if you check regularly.