April 25, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Easy ways to incorporate visuals

Do you struggle with finding the best visuals for your blog? We have some tips.

Data-driven content is a great way to incorporate visuals. Do you have a statistic or a study in your blog? Include a visual representing that information!

You can also easily turn quotes into visuals by layering them over a photograph. This will also make the words stand out for more of an impact.

If you're feeling adventurous Content Marketing Institute said, "If you want to add a light touch to your article, memes can set you apart from your competition. Even if your industry is a bit tedious, your articles shouldn’t be boring. Just craft some funny images and help people relax a little bit."

Make Your Blog More Attractive With These 12 Visuals

Editor’s note: If your content is text heavy or if you just need to take a fresh look at your blog, you’ll want to read the 2019 edition of this article on visual content strategy (first published in 2017).Someone who includes statistics in an article on the importa

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