February 6, 2019
How you should optimize your product pages for ecommerce

Product page optimization is really important for SEO! 

Finding the balance between creative and SEO friendly can definitely be a challenge. 

First, as always, understand your target audience and do some keyword research! Include those keywords organically in your descriptions.

Pictures and videos are also really important for SEO performance and higher engagement. 

Most importantly, keep working at it! Magento said, "SEO is not simply a set-it-and-forget-it initiative. You need to continually check your eCommerce analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Your goal is to develop a data-supported SEO strategy which will evolve over time." 

eCommerce SEO: How to Optimize Product Pages | Magento

Some eCommerce website owners make the mistake of only targeting obvious, short-tail keywords associated with their products, such as “party supplies” or “ wholesale party favors”.Using your chosen SEO keyword tool, search for an obvious term associated with you

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