September 14, 2020
Monica Piccininno

Everything you need to know about content quantity

The quantity of content is a highly discussed topic in SEO. 

How much content should you be publishing? Is there such thing as too much? What are you supposed to do with old content? 

Search Engine Journal recently broke down a video on the topic by Google employee Martin Splitt and Path Interactive's Lily Ray. Here's what they found. 

How much content? 

It always comes back to quality. 

What you don't want to do is set a number and sacrifice the quality of your content in order to reach your quota. 

Do some analysis and figure out how much valuable content you can reasonably create, then focus on consistency. 

Too much content? 

The video was clear – no such thing!

This comes back to what was mentioned above about quality being the most important thing. 

Check your analytics and see where you can improve on quality and performance. As long as that is going well, keep cranking out content! 

Revamping old content

Updating your old content is a great idea, but make sure you have the right balance. Updating old content can take up valuable time where you could be creating new content.

How do you decide which to focus on? 

Search Engine Journal recommended, "Updating older content is worthwhile if something significant has changed. If there are no significant changes, then Splitt recommends publishing new and different content, and linking the old article to the new one."

Head over to the video to learn more!