January 11, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Facebook users are moving to other platforms

Facebook is a staple in social media marketing. However, many brands should consider posting on other platforms as well! Forbes reported, that many Facebook users are being lost to Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. They said, "In June 2018, Facebook marked its lowest market share (63%), while Youtube noted its highest monthly market share in 2018, reaching almost 10%." So, while Facebook is still the most popular trends are changing. It's a great idea to get established on those platforms early before they become even more saturated. 

Facebook Loosing Users To Pinterest, Youtube And Twitter (Market Share By Region)

Average monthly market share of social media apps for 2018 by region (Source: Statcounter)Nina Angelovska Here are a few highlights: The highest drop in Facebook's market share was in the USA--from 76% in December 2017 to 52% in December 2

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