February 14, 2020
Hannah Brenner
Finding your voice

Have you heard the term "voice" when it comes to writing? 

It's important!

The voice you write with sets the tone for how your writing is perceived. 

It's also what sets you apart!

However, the voice in a piece of content can change depending on the purpose of your writing. Here are a few things to consider when defining your voice. 

What are you writing for?

Finding your purpose is the first step to finding your voice. 

Are you writing for yourself or for your business? 

For example, a travel blogger will probably have more freedom in their writing voice than someone writing for a law firm. 

If you are writing for a larger company, consider the brand strategy and the topics when deciding on the tone of your writing. 

Be creative

Your employer might prefer a more serious, authoritative tone. 

If your writing strength is your humor and personality, however, it doesn't hurt to ask! 

Even technical companies can make the decision to get creative with the voice of their business, and that could even be the thing that sets them apart. 

UX Collective put together a list of companies that have a great, consistent voice in their content! 

One of their favorites is Slack. They said, "Even their release notes and customization options — places that are often stuck in development lingo — use the easy-to-understand voice of Slack that’s clear, approachable, and oh-so-friendly."

Find your strengths, collaborate with others, and decide on a tone that makes sense for your business. Then, get writing!