May 16, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Getting better at guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great tactic to drive people to your site and make connections. But, how do you find sites looking for guest bloggers? 

First start by just googling the topic you are qualified to write about and make a spreadsheet of the options.

Influencive said, "Once you have your initial list of prospects, go over them one by one to check their guidelines. Most websites that accept guest posts will state what they expect from guest contributions. If you want yours to be published on their site, it’s vital that you follow instructions carefully."

Remember, the whole point is to drive people to your blog so make sure you are actually allowed to send people there. 

Once you are accepted, make sure your work is high quality. Happy blogging!

How to Develop a Guest Blogging Strategy for SEO

However, to find the sites related to your industry, you must use the following search operators: Gather the relevant sites that accept guest posts on a spreadsheet.The purpose of guest blogging is to pass link juice from their site to yours.

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