July 27, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Google’s June “Core” update

Did you know that there was a Google Algorithm update in June? It's being called the core update and we have all the info. 

Tall Wave reported, "Their June 2019 Core Update was announced via Twitter this year in an attempt to be more proactive about announcing their larger algorithm updates. Shortly after, Google also announced a Domain Diversity Update which affected the diversity of search engine results pages (SERPs)."

So, what should you do? If your stats show that this update affected you negatively, make sure that your content is really geared toward people instead of algorithms. If that's the case, you should see as many huge changes when these updates occur!

Google Algorithm Update: What This Means for Your Business

In order to sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in their search index and present users with the most relevant results, Google uses algorithms.We look at Google’s top 10 search results and overall website traffic, along with analyzing keyword volumes, web pa

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