February 14, 2019
Monica Piccininno
Google search console is going to add a helpful new feature

Have you seen the new tab in Google Search Console titled Security Issues? If not, check it out! Google will now warn you if they see anything harmful on your website. 

Search Engine Journal reported, "Within this tab, Search Console will notify webmasters about anything on their site that prompts Google Chrome to display a warning to visitors."

Possible issues include hacks, malware, harmful downloads, and more. 

If yours says, "No issues detected, " you're all set!


Google Search Console to Alert Users About Site Hacks and Malware - Search Engine Journal

Google added a ‘Security Issues’ tab in Search Console that will report on harmful activities like site hacks and malware.Possible security issues may include: Hacks Malware Harmful downloads Uncommon downloads Deceptive pages Unclear mobile billing Search

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