May 18, 2020
Monica Piccininno

Google update May 2020

Google is back with another algorithm update! 

This one was big enough to be considered a core update, so if you are seeing some major changes in the last few weeks that is why!

Some major companies and websites saw drops in rankings including Spotify, LinkedIn, and even the New York state website. 

Here are a few things you should know about Google's May 2020 update.

Some industries were more affected than others

The industries that seem to have been affected the most by this update include travel, real estate, health, pets, animals, and people/society. 

Depending on the website and a few factors some rankings have gone up and some have gone down.

If your rankings went down as a result of the core update, you have some options!

What to do if your rankings went down

Don't panic, just adjust!

Go through your website and update your old content, fix SEO errors, and make sure you don't have too many pages with thin content. 

Neil Patel reported, "Sites with thin content saw a roughly 3 times higher likelihood of being affected in a negative way than a positive one. Of course, the majority of the sites with thin content saw little to no change at all, but still, a whopping 31.75% saw a decrease."

That is certainly significant enough to look into!

Overall, it comes back to the same basic principles. 

Create quality content, update frequently, and keep your website running well. Stick to those and you'll come out on top!