December 3, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Here are three basic SEO tips and then three more advanced ones to try this week

Be honest, have you put off SEO? 


You're not the only one. 


So, let's break it up. Here are six SEO tips for you to try this week. The first three are basic, and the next three take it up a notch!


By starting with the basic SEO tips, you can build your confidence and get the momentum moving. Then, you can dig into the technical and advanced SEO later in the week. 


Are you ready?



Basic SEO


What's at the very base of SEO? Quality content, keyword research, and backlinks. 


Tip 1: Research keywords your customers are using



This is a great place to start because it's easy to get lost in all the technicalities. Start at the beginning, which is finding a good topic for your next blog post. Head over to any of the free keyword research tools such as Rank TrackerAnswer the Public, or Google Search Console. (If you want to learn more about using Google Search Console, we have a whole blog category about it!)


Tip 2: Commit to writing a blog post per week

SEO is heavily based on quality content. Pick a keyword or two from the research you did, and write your heart out. Try to make your content over 500 words for the best results. If you're still having trouble coming up with ideas on what to write about after all your keyword research, click here for more help. 


Tip3: Share your content on Social media

Our final basic SEO tip is to share your content, and not just on your website. Social media and other sites can be incredibly valuable in reaching more people. You wrote the content, now get it out in the world!