July 8, 2019
Hannah Brenner
How do you think about curating content?

Your approach and your strategy with curating content is a vital part of your SEO strategy. 

Forbes said, "It can drive traffic to your website, encourage customers to sign up to your mailing list or even be the tipping point that encourages them to buy products or services from you. That’s why, as a thought leader, you must absolutely have a plan around your content creation."

So, do some research on your audience and cater your content to them. Are they serious and fact driven or do they like humor? 

Create your strategy based on your readers to increase your SEO traffic!

How Thought Leaders Need To Think About Content Creation

Great content can motivate your audience -- but don’t think this means simply churning out tired, stale 500-word blog articles, posting massive amounts of videos to your site or simply updating your LinkedIn once a week.Regardless of the budget or the time you have av

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