December 7, 2020
Hannah Brenner
How email marketing and Instagram can work together

A crucial part of SEO is having a comprehensive content marketing strategy. This includes finding new ways to get your content out to readers! 

Email marketing and Instagram are both powerful tools for sharing content on their own. 

When creating your sharing strategy, try to not see platforms as individual pillars to share your content. Email marketing and Instagram can actually work well together to drive traffic and grow your following!

Turn followers into subscribers

An Instagram follower is good, but converting them to an email subscriber is even better!

This is a great goal to focus on when trying to grow your email list. Your Instagram followers are already choosing to interact with your page, so you are already halfway there! 

Come up with fun and creative ways to make that conversion. You can use swipe up links, giveaways, or even share examples of your email marketing on your Instagram page to encourage them!

Grow your Instagram from your email list

It works both ways! 

Just like Instagram followers can subscribe to your email list, your subscribers might want to follow you. 

Including your social links in your emails is really just the first step. 

Business 2 Community recommended, "For a unique and interactive email campaign, add your live Instagram feed to your email content. You can do this by including an Instagram RSS feed to your email template. This not only informs your subscribers of what is trending about your brand, but it also allows them to see a different, more casual side of your brand which will potentially result in a follow"

What are your goals? Think about how you can cross-post to meet them!