December 13, 2019
Monica Piccininno
How much do you know about mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is a huge and important topic within search engine optimization.

That’s because Google is in the process of switching every website over to mobile-first!


If you’re not familiar with the topic Search Engine Land defined it by saying, “Mobile-first indexing is simply how Google crawls and indexes the web. Instead of looking at the desktop version of the page, Google looks at the mobile version of the page”


It was reported last December that over half of websites were already being indexed this way. 


Here’s how to know if your site is already being indexed mobile first and if you can speed up the process.


How to know if your site is being indexed mobile-first


How do you know how your website is being indexed?


To start, if your website was made after July 1, 2019 it’s definitely mobile first. 


For everyone else, it’s a bit of a guess. This article is a great guide to figuring it out if you want to. 


No matter what, Google recommends following their best practices guide so you’re ready to go!


Can you speed up the process? 


Unfortunately, no. 


Search Engine Journal reported, “There’s no way to determine exactly when a site will be moved over to mobile-first indexing. There’s also no way of making it happen any faster.”


No matter what, we know that it’s coming and that all sites will eventually be indexed this way so it’s a good idea to get everything set up as soon as you can.