February 28, 2020
Monica Piccininno
How taking good notes could make you a better writer

Are you a good note-taker? 

Working on that skill could help you improve your writing. 


Let's start with one thing.


Taking good notes can help you stay organized in so many ways.

The first and most obvious is that it can help you remember what was said in meetings and therefore keep you organized with what you need to accomplish. 

But, good notes can also help you organize your own thoughts. 

An academic in history had an interesting technique! The Next Web said, "Luhmann wrote down interesting or potentially useful ideas he encountered in his reading on uniformly sized index cards. He wrote only on one side of each card to eliminate the need to flip them over, and he limited himself to one idea per card so they could be referenced individually."

This is a great strategy for those that get overwhelmed with too many options. Take notes, look at one at a time, and organize your thoughts. 

In that way, your notes can give you another valuable writing tool. 


The Next Web said, "One of the most damaging myths about creativity is that it starts from nothing. The blank page, the white canvas, the empty dance floor."

By taking quality notes, you can avoid writer's block in the future!

Keep track of your inspiration when it hits and then go back to expand on it later. 

Practice your note strategy and keep yourself organized. You will be grateful in the future!