November 12, 2019
Hannah Brenner

How to evaluate ROI in branding

In some cases, ROI is an easy equation. Branding and design, however, can be a lot more difficult to measure. 

Instead of trying to isolate just branding or just design, you need to look at those things as part of the big picture. 

Marks and Maker said, "There are SO many variables in business—from internal processes and operations, to marketing, employee problems, personal things, etc."

Set overall visibility and marketing goals and then try to evaluate where branding and design fit in. 

How to Measure the Results of Design — Brand Strategy | Orange County CA — Marks and Maker

We’d most likely land higher budget projects since we’d have a proven track record of producing more than just pretty designs because we’re actually helping the business accomplish their goals.My answer to that question was this: “Ask your client how they will

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