June 30, 2019
Hannah Brenner
How to start learning about SEO

You can learn valuable information about search engine optimization in just a few minutes!

Start by learning the basics about keywords and how they work, then move on and actually optimize your page. Purple Pass said, "One way to optimize your page is to speed it up! Google and search engines punish slow websites that run down speed and take a long time to load because most readers lose interest and bounce."

Then, look at topics in your field to write about, build links, and create a plan to update your site consistently. 

Finally, get writing! Create quality content and share it out on social media. 

10 SEO Basics You Can Learn In 10 Minutes

So when creating your website, blogging or putting any content out online, think of your keywords, descriptions and titles.Ways you can increase your link counts across the board are: - Gust posting  - Social media shares - Posting on sites similar to Medium a

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