May 26, 2019
Hannah Brenner

How you can be more productive

It feels good to be productive and get those blogs done – but it can be hard sometimes!

If you're feeling like you need a productivity boost, try tackling that hard task first. By getting it out of the way you'll feel better and even more productivity will follow!

Another way to get yourself focused is to pause your notifications. Find a way to block those out until you're done!

Search Engine Journal said, "Being productive is not about working long hours and focusing on 'working hard.' It’s about improving your output and working smarter!"

How could you be working smarter? 

How to Get More Done: 9 Tips to Maximize Marketing Productivity

While having companywide default diaries may prove difficult, being specific about when you’re personally going to work on certain categories of tasks and diarizing those as recurring appointments in a calendar application will give you a platform to schedule in diffe

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