June 5, 2020
Hannah Brenner

Insight into Google’s Communication

Have you ever wondered about Google's communication process regarding SEO?

Due to their size and scope they need to be very clear and deliberate about what they release to avoid confusion.

Martin Splitt from Google's Search Relations Team spoke to Search Engine Land to clear some things up. Here's what he had to say. 

Google is a huge company with lots of employees. This means it would be impossible for one employee to know everything going on! 

As Search Engine Land said, "Googlers commenting on topics that they do not have a comprehensive knowledge of could generate a lot of mixed messaging and confusion, which may lead SEOs to recommend tactics that just don’t work or may even hurt their chances at ranking."

So, instead they try to be very intentional about their communication. 

However. . .

They are not perfect.

Splitt recognized that there have been some missteps in the past where they could have done better. He said, "While most engineering teams work with us quite closely and are receptive for both feedback as well as giving us a heads up before they do things, sometimes some teams are a little less inclined to do that and then they just make changes and we find out randomly at some point when the change has already happened."

Overall, it's a good idea to keep up with Google's announcements and check your sources with anything else. 

Click this link to watch the video of Splitt's interview with Search Engine Land.