May 25, 2020
Ryan Henry

Is your SEO as niche as you?

Is your business in a niche market?

If your answer is yes, ask yourself another question. Is your SEO as niche as you? 

Here are some ways you can tailor it to your unique business. 

1. Research your competition

Niche markets can mean that competition is tight. There might be less businesses, but that doesn't mean you can skip this important SEO step. 

If they are beating you in the rankings with certain keywords, that can help you develop your SEO strategy. What are they doing right? How could you do even better? 

That leads into the next point. 

2. Your keywords might be too niche

Your business might be in a niche market, but that does not mean your keywords should be super niche as well. It's alright to be a little more broad sometimes as long as you think it through. 

As Search Engine Journal said, "Though you may have some specialized terminology for your niche market, it may not be what customers are using to search for what you offer. . . Though you want to focus on transactional intent, you should not ignore the low-volume, long-tail keywords associated with your business."

Don't narrow down too much! Figure out some alternative ways that potential customers might be searching for your product or service and start incorporating those keywords. You might even reach some totally new audiences!

3. Content is King

No matter if you're a huge corporation or a niche market, great content will always work in your favor.

Don't forget that!